Recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil and Arthritis Today Magazine.


“I have had rheumatoid arthritis for years and it has taken its toll. As a former student of yoga, I have found the tapes a wonderful road back and eventually hope to try a local yoga class.”

-- Jean P.

---- Nevada


“I am so pleased that there are exercises like these out there. Not being able to get up and down from the floor and with my osteoarthritis, I’m now able to do the yoga I have missed doing.”

-- Marlene B.

---- Oregon


“I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and am a wheelchair user since I was 17 and I am now 45. Just doing your videos for three days I feel much better about myself. And am trying to stretch my limbs slowly more often.”

-- Michele L.

---- Michigan





Carol Dickman has an extensive background as a certified instructor of Bikram Yoga, a professional level Kripalu Yoga teacher, an instructor of Yoga of the Heart® and Zumba.

She has taught yoga, stretch and meditation at NBC corporate headquarters, Canyon Ranch, The White House Athletic Center, AARP® and for New York City's 50 + Expo.

Her appearances on numerous radio and television programs include the TODAY Show, CNN, Fox News, TNN and The Home Shopping Network.