Bed Top Yoga

Bed Top Yoga

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BED TOP YOGA, 33 minutes, guides listeners through a series of simple stretches and yoga postures ending with a brief relaxation. Use this beginners program on the bed or on the floor. Ideal for anyone who wants a gentle form of exercise but needs a little encouragement and guidance. Also appropriate for seniors, the physically challenged, and the blind. Helps you fall asleep, too!

Please consult with your doctor before beginning a stretching or yoga practice, and listen to your own body and its limitations. The contents of this site are presented for informational purposes, and visitors are solely responsible for their own personal use of this information.


"Carol Dickman's Bed Top Yoga is a cozy way to get ready for early morning walks - before your feet even hit the floor! Wake up to her delicious, total-body stretches."

Prevention Magazine

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"Carol Dickman is to be congratulated for opening up a new audience to the age-old benefits of yoga."

Myrna Lewis, MSW and Asst.

Professor Mount Sinai Medical School, New York City


Yoga Journal says Carol's Bed Top Yoga has "a cult following of former insomniacs." "Dickman has a reassuring style, appropriate for an audience that might be reluctant to exercise because of injury, disability, or age. She focuses on breathing and self-awareness, and gives time after each exercise to experience its benefits. This is an intelligent, useful presentation."

Yoga Journal


"Carol Dickman's BED TOP YOGA is terrific in both conception and execution. Her cues are precise and easy to follow; her voice melodic and soothing. The exercises are suitable to anyone confined to a bed and should provide physical, mental and emotional benefits to those who practice them."

Rebecca Gorrell, Wellness Education Director

Canyon Ranch Spas


"A breakthrough idea in yoga instruction. Carol Dickman is a gifted and creative teacher. She has produced a program of tremendous value to those wanting to become healthier and happier."

Larry Cooper, President,Health Classics


Order by phone for fastest service. Please call toll-free:
888-YES-YOGA (888-937-9642) or 800-BED-YOGA (800-233-9642)


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