Chair/Seated Yoga

Award winning!
Featured in Arthritis Today Magazine and recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Chair/Seated Yoga

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CHAIR/SEATED YOGA offers simple warm-up stretches, breathing exercises, yoga postures, and a relaxation, all done sitting down. Relax, renew, reduce stress, increase creativity, feel better with chair yoga. This 43 minute exercise program - the sequel to BED TOP YOGA - is ideal for use in your office, at home on a chair or on the edge of your bed, or at your computer.

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"For a nation of couch potatoes, here comes the ultimate workout: seated yoga. Seated yoga is not as lazy as it may seem, however, because the cure lies or, for that matter, sits, in the cause: too much sitting creates aches and pains. But doing yoga while sitting heals them. New Age logic, to be sure, but the exercises in Seated Yoga, featuring Carol Dickman, are surprisingly effective. And relaxing."

Andrea Higbie

New York Times


"I was very taken with the very relaxed, laid back style, the soothing and encouraging words. Nothing is rushed and the major emphasis is on limbering and body awareness. The video is very encouraging into all movements, each movement is followed by a moment or two of relaxation. While the movements and asanas may seem simple they have a complexity if you wish to go deeper."

IYTA Magazine.


"Well organized, intelligently scripted, and engagingly presented."

Yoga Journal


"Carol combines a wonderfully warm and caring approach with crystal clear instruction that is both gentle and tremendously effective."

Karen Congro

R.D., Brooklyn Hospital Center


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