Balance Basics and Beyond

"This solid exercise program is recommended." Video Librarian Magazine

Balance Basics and Beyond

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BALANCE BASICS AND BEYOND, 53 minutes, consists of easy exercises to improve your balance. It is aimed at seniors and anyone - regardless of age - wishing to improve their balance. Carol joins two experienced teachers in the instruction of four classes - two one-on-one sessions and two group classes. Each ranges in time from 7 to 17 minutes, and all can be adjusted in degrees of difficulty. Viewers can practice their balance training with a different class daily, either in the privacy of their home or in a group setting outside the home. One segment is especially scripted for the blind and visually impaired. Also included are short motivational sequences and balancing tips. Shot entirely on location in Las Vegas, the program is fun, entertaining and effective.

According to a May, 2009 study published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, a full third of American adults - 69 million men and women over age 40 - are up to 12 times more likely to have a serious fall because they have some form of inner-ear dysfunction that throws them off balance and makes them dizzy. Among the key findings of the three-year Hopkins study are that a third of this group - more than 22 million - were unaware of their vulnerability, having had no previous incidents of disequilibrium or sudden falls to suggest that anything was wrong.

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"Good balance is essential at any age, and even more so as we get older. It's usually an indication that the mind/body connection is in good working order. I have known Carol Dickman for over a decade and can vouch for her expertise in the area of fitness. I feel very confident in recommending this balance video to all comers who seek a healthy life."

Raquel Welch


"Emergency room physicians can all testify to the high prevalence of fall related injuries in the older adult. Many factors contribute to this vulnerability but the results are the same: pain, disability, and loss of function. Carol Dickman's Balance Basics and Beyond offers the proactive health conscious individual a program designed to reduce this risk."

Jonathan Bernfeld, M.D.,

Geriatric Psychiatry and Internal Medicine


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