“For many years my husband Melvin and I danced through life, literally and figuratively. Sometimes to the strains of The Girl from Ipenema or to the beat of Witchcraft. Everyday was not a day in Paradise, but we were fortunate, until our son, Robert died at the age of 44. A mother’s worst nightmare. Life would go on, but it would never be the same. No more dancing for me, just put one foot in front of the other. How would I manage that? I took up my knitting needles and began knitting hats for friends and their kids. I would knit far into the night while watching reruns of sitcoms on the TV that Rob had installed on my computer. I must have made 80 or 90 hats. That took care of the nights.

What about the days? I found Carol Dickman’s Seated Yoga. For 45 minutes everyday, I followed Carol’s DVD. At the end of each session, I felt renewed and centered. I was able to do what I needed to do with a calmness and with some comfort. Since then, I have given the DVD to friends, when I thought that it would be helpful to them.

About a year and a half, after our son died, my husband died. He was 87. Shortly after that I moved from the North Fork of Long Island to Manhattan and discovered that Carol Dickman and I were living in the same building. I contacted her, because I wanted her to know how she had helped me when I had a difficult time in my life. I was so happy that I was able to tell her that in person. I consider Carol a friend, who helped me, when I needed help.”

-- Paula Shengold

---- Greenport, New York


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Carol Dickman has an extensive background as a certified instructor of Bikram Yoga, a professional level Kripalu Yoga teacher, an instructor of Yoga of the Heart® and Zumba.

She has taught yoga, stretch and meditation at NBC corporate headquarters, Canyon Ranch, The White House Athletic Center, AARP® and for New York City's 50 + Expo.

Her appearances on numerous radio and television programs include the TODAY Show, CNN, Fox News, TNN and The Home Shopping Network.