“How do you tell someone that you would not be able to walk without her programs?

I’m working hard and if were not for Carol’s DVDs, I would be in serious trouble. Each morning I use Bed Top Yoga while still in bed and work the whole tape. Then to the next plateau, I work out with Seated Yoga.

Ta-da, now I am on my feet, in a hot shower, finishing with a cold shower. It takes close to four hours to be off and running, but I do not want to be stuck in a wheel chair…or worse. Keep moving has become my mantra. Thanks for all of your help.”

-- Ann Ruckert

-- Musician

---- Ruck Music

---- New York City


Also recommended as resources by the National Amputee Coalition.  Both Bed Top Yoga and Seated Yoga videos were recommended in The National Limb Loss Information Center’s March/April 2002 issue of In Motion Magazine in an article entitled Yoga for Everyone: “Video lessons make ancient practice available to those with disabilities.”


“As a hospice nurse here in California, I hope to assist my patients and families with the benefits of your yoga despite inability to be mobile. Thanks for your work. “

-- Hortense D.




Carol Dickman has an extensive background as a certified instructor of Bikram Yoga, a professional level Kripalu Yoga teacher, an instructor of Yoga of the Heart® and Zumba.

She has taught yoga, stretch and meditation at NBC corporate headquarters, Canyon Ranch, The White House Athletic Center, AARP® and for New York City's 50 + Expo.

Her appearances on numerous radio and television programs include the TODAY Show, CNN, Fox News, TNN and The Home Shopping Network.