QUEST, magazine of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, June - July 2002, in an article titled “The Ins and Outs of Exercise “ said: “Yes, You Can” and recommends Bed Top Yoga and Seated Yoga videos as a resource.


“I really enjoy the exercises.  I have muscular dystrophy and the stretches really help.”

-- Judy M.

---- Ontario, Canada




Carol Dickman has an extensive background as a certified instructor of Bikram Yoga, a professional level Kripalu Yoga teacher, an instructor of Yoga of the Heart® and Zumba.

She has taught yoga, stretch and meditation at NBC corporate headquarters, Canyon Ranch, The White House Athletic Center, AARP® and for New York City's 50 + Expo.

Her appearances on numerous radio and television programs include the TODAY Show, CNN, Fox News, TNN and The Home Shopping Network.