Bed Top Yoga and Chair/Seated Yoga - latest review


I often send gift copies of my programs to publications, support groups, medical facilities and people who might have an interest in them.  The following review, written by Jill Lawson - - for Diets In - most pleasantly took me by surprise this Memorial Day weekend.   Yoga doesn't care how much you weigh or what you can or cannot do.  If you try 100% you will get 100% of its benefits. 

"Krishnamacharya, a classic Indian yoga teacher, used to say, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” So basically, as long as one is alive and breathing, a yoga practice is possible. Of course, it depends on the style and intensity of yoga, but the fact is that anyone can practice some type of yoga, as long as they can breathe.

Carol Dickman, a professional yoga teacher who holds several certifications, and who has shared her expertise on the TODAY Show, CNN, Fox News, and in places like the NBC corporate headquarters, has developed a video series to address and teach yoga to those with physical limitations that would otherwise be seemingly viewed as too disabling to do yoga.

Bed Top Yoga, Chair/Seated Yoga, and Balance Basics and Beyond are three of Dickman’s DVDs designed to bring relief to those with issues ranging from mild to severe. Recommended as resources for healthy living by Arthritis Today Magazine,Weight Watchers Magazine, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, The National Amputee Coalition, The National Fibromyalgia Association, Dr. Andrew Weil, and hospice workers, these DVDs are built to suit those needing extreme modifications and gentle care.

In Bed Top Yoga, one can practice simple yet effective stretches and yoga poseson the bed, or on the floor. Bed Top Yoga is an ideal 33 minutes in length and closes with a sleep enhancing relaxation. It is more than appropriate for seniors, the physically challenged, or those with a visual impairment.

Yoga Journal calls Bed Top Yoga an intelligent and useful presentation with, “a cult following of former insomniacs,” also quoting that, “Dickman has a reassuring style, appropriate for an audience that might be reluctant to exercise because of injury, disability, or age.”

And so it goes, yoga’s health benefits can touch just about anyone. All someone needs is the ability to bring fresh air into their lungs and a willingness to give yoga a try."


Yogawoman, a New Documentary, Examines the Role of Women in Yoga


I would have liked to have been in New York City a couple of days ago for the premier of Yogawoman, a new documentary film examining the role of women in yoga's current popularity and what this might mean for the future of health care, philanthropy, rehabilitation and life. It's narrated by Annette Bening and includes interviews with many leading female yoga teachers. (See

In the meantime, we can all be yoga men and women and start making contributions in our own unique ways.

While teaching classes I often refer to "taking yoga off the mat." Sure - it's fairly easy to practice, relax and stay focused in a dimly lit room, listening to soothing music, inhaling agreeable scents and having distractions greatly minimized. My challenging "off the mat" practice is ahead of me later today at the DMV where I have to go to renew my driver's license.

This afternoon I will continue my yoga practice while in the company of hundreds - in an environment of noise, confusion, impatience, disagreeable odors and expense.  Way far "off the mat."




Welcome to the New Stretch.Com


Welcome to our updated STRETCH.COM site. I'll be blogging here, which is quite a "stretch" for me. I'm not used to sharing in cyberspace, but I'm game to give it a go.

Please let me know your comments. I'd like to express enormous gratitude to Brent Johnson, my friend and the web designer who brought initial life to in 1995. Through his wife, Denise, also a yoga teacher, Brent and I met online and did business for several years before meeting in person.

Lots of quality communication, trust and respect were at work between us. Brent had limitless patience with this newbie. He's darn creative for a Phi Beta Kappa attorney. Please check out his site at

My next thank you goes to Joe Rock - yep, that's his real name - with whom I also go way back. It's Joe that I was divinely guided to over a decade ago when I realized the cover on my first audio cassette was desperately in need of redesign - it looked like it was created with crayons and stencils.

Joe's the gifted artist behind the look of all three of my covers - Bed Top Yoga, Seated/Chair Yoga and Balance Basics and Beyond. He's the talented creator of this new web site and also a man of great patience. Check out his site and please strongly consider him for any design needs you might have.